Medical-Sortiment von Beurer

Medical by Beurer

Prevention, diagnostics and therapy

Look after your health! Our extensive range of blood pressure monitors has the right device for everyone. This means you always have access to your blood pressure at a glance!

Blutdruck von Beurer

Blood Pressure

It is important to check your blood pressure regularly in order to recognise high blood pressure early on or to monitor your blood pressure. Beurer upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors guarantee safety and reliability.

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Pulsoximeter von Beurer

Pulse oximeter

Pulse frequency and the oxygen saturation are important parameters for your personal health.
Beurer pulse oximeters can be used to measure the arterial oxygen saturation of haemoglobin and your heart rate. The medical devices are used within the context of pulse oximetry, from fit and healthy athletes to chronically ill patients requiring care.

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Insektenstichheiler von Beurer

Insect bite healer

The symptoms can be alleviated by the targeted effect of heat on the affected area.

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Beurer hearing amplifiers

Hearing amplifiers

Beurer hearing amplifiers amplify the volume of all sounds both indoors and outdoors. Barely noticeable and unobtrusive, the ergonomic shape allows you to attach them behind your ear.

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Beurer thermometers


Beurer's technically advanced clinical thermometers stand out due to their modern design and offer maximum measuring convenience. Having to wait several minutes for the result is now a thing of the past.

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Beurer ovulation thermometer

Ovulation Thermometer

Family and life planning in harmony: natural methods for cycle tracking and purposeful family planning can be easily implemented. The modern temperature measurement technology of Beurer ovulation thermometers work in conjunction with a cycle tracking app to offer entirely new possibilities for predicting fertile and non-fertile days more reliably.

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