Facial brushes, facial sauna, microdermabrasion

Facial brushes, facial sauna, microdermabrasion by Beurer

Thorough cleansing for a pure complexion

Beauty salon-quality facial cleansing – our facial cleansing brushes clean up to 6 times more thoroughly, our facial saunas provide your skin with the moisture it needs, and Beurer microdermabrasion devices remove excess skin particles, promoting good circulation and stimulating cell renewal.

Facial brush

FC 65 Pureo Deep Clear

  • 2 function levels: vibrating and pulsating
  • Blue LED light to combat skin impurities
  • 2 function levels: vibration and pulsation

Facial brush

FC 49

  • 2-in-1 function: deep-pore cleansing and massage for a smooth and beautiful complexion                                                   
  • Vibration technology                                  
  • 3 cleansing zones for personalised cleansing
  • Indicator lamp for speed and battery state display

Facial brush

FC 45

  • With 2-level rotation
  • 4 times more thorough than cleansing by hand
  • 2 speed settings

Power deep pore cleanser

FC 40

• Deep-pore cleansing thanks to vacuum technology                                                  
 • Effectively tackles skin impurities and promotes a healthy-looking complexion
• Multi-purpose thanks to 3 different attachments                                                 
• LCD display to show the battery state and intensity level                                                
• With 10 replacement filters


FC 100 Pureo Derma Peel

  • For professional facial exfoliation at home
  • With double effect for a more even, younger-looking complexion
  • 5 intensity levels
  • 3 high-quality attachments with sapphire coating


FC 45 brush attachment

  • 1 x brush attachment