Baby-Dampfsterilisatoren: Modelle von Beurer

Steam sterilizer from Beurer

Good hygiene is particularly important with newborns. Steam sterilization is a safe way of protecting your baby’s bottles and other utensils from harmful bacteria. Beurer has developed an electric steam sterilizer that may be used for this purpose in the microwave.
Digital steam steriliser: Type BY 76

BY 76

Steam steriliser
  • Quick and highly effective
  • With LED display to indicate the remaining sterile time
  • Disinfects up to 6 bottles in 7 minutes
Details Feature Compare
7 minutes steril Elimination of all harmful household bacteria

Up to 6 bottles and accessories in 7 minutes
for 6 bottles Capacity

of max. 6 bottles
Blue Digital Digit Blue digital display

makes it easy to see remaining sterilisation time
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