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Thermo hygrometer from Beurer

Breath in deeply. Provide for healthy humidified air in your rooms. Discover the product air range from Beurer!
HM 55

HM 55

Thermo hygrometer
  • Displays the current time, temperature and relative humidity
  • Provides a quick overview: room climate indication by color
    green = good air quality
    red = bad air quality
Details Feature Compare  
Beurer FreshRoom Beurer FreshRoom

Clear long-term monitoring of the indoor environment.
Climate indicator Indoor environment indicator

The coloured indoor environment indicator provides a quick overview
Multi room HM 55 Multi-room display

Multiple devices can be managed using the app.
Temperature display Display

Indicates temperatures
Humidity Display Display

Display of the current time, temperature and relative humidity.
Time of day Funcionality

Time and timer function
°C/ °F display Temperature display

Temperature shown on the display (°C/°F)
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