Current trends as an inspiration for our product development.

Alongside the needs of our customers, continuous adaptation to new trends is the central focus of product development.

The health megatrend

Health ranked number 1

Our desire to be healthy comes top of the list ahead of money and property in all social classes. We prioritise time for our families rather than for money and work.

The population is getting older and traditional age parameters are changing. The average life expectancy has increased by approximately 2 years (in the period 2005 – 2010). The average life expectancy of men is currently 77.9 years and for women it is 83.1 years.

Medical self-monitoring is on the up and information flows are increasingly networked and multi-dimensional. While patients previously relied on information sources such as research, companies and doctors, today health portals, communities and platforms are also used for this purpose. Doctors remain the most important source of information when it comes to health, but 65% of Germans use the Internet to find information for their health concerns.

The use of apps to track health and fitness is constantly increasing. Regardless of what goal you are pursuing, the main focus for us is that you are improving your health and well-being. Making a record means it possible to see the progress you have made and therefore acts as a great motivator.

Health ranked number 1
The connected megatrend

Digitisation meets self-optimisation

The new principle underpinning our lives is networking. An ever-increasing number of people are becoming networked, so much so that by 2020 there will be an estimated 50 billion networked smart products across the globe. Smartphones and high-tech devices become training partners, meaning that sport is now more of a lifestyle concept than a competition. Healthy living means constantly looking to see where you can improve and optimise your body and soul. The concept of self-tracking is shaping a new era of conscious self-awareness. By using health apps and companions such as activity trackers, you can document and evaluate your fitness, which will spur you on even more. This trend for self-optimisation is dominating sport in the advanced digital age. The Beurer activity sensors help to you achieve your goals!

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Megatrend Beauty

The beauty & body care megatrend

Feeling beautiful means feeling good! Professional beauty treatments can now be enjoyed at home, including long-lasting hair removal and professional skincare. More and more women and men are saving themselves a time-consuming and often expensive trip to the beauty salon. The products from the Beurer Beauty Sortiment Beurer Beauty range allow you to have a perfect day of pampering at home: look after your hands and feet with a manicure/pedicure set, remove unwanted hair with laser or IPL devices, cleanse and care for your facial skin and round the day off with a perfect hair style!

The regeneration megatrend

The regeneration megatrend

Fall asleep, sleep through and wake up more easily. A healthy night's sleep gives us the strength for an active daily life. There is almost nothing better than getting up in the morning feeling well rested. We recharge our internal batteries while we sleep. While we are resting, our body and mind are regenerating and our brain is processing the experiences of the day. A restful night's sleep makes us appear fresh and cheerful. Too little sleep, however, means that we don't have enough energy for the day ahead. Sleep is therefore becoming all the more important in our increasingly fast-paced world.

Trend Regeneration