Antitrust Law / Compliance Notification Office

Beurer strongly commits to the observance of all applicable laws and regulations. This principle has affected our business actions in the past and will do so also in the future. Only when legal requirements are met a solid basis of sustainable success can be created and disadvantages for our company, our business partners and the general public can be avoided.

To emphasize our previous efforts, we have set up a dialog mask for the report of potential antitrust law infringements. In this way misconduct can be identified early and counteractions can be introduced immediately.

Please use the following dialog mask if you notice improper business practices with regard to antitrust law regulations at Beurer – if desired, you can do so also anonymously. Please describe the incident with as much detail as possible in order to support the investigation and clarification of the potential misconduct.

Your submitted information will be treated as strictly confidential and especially the source will not be communicated to someone else, not even to the managing directors of the company.

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