Schnarchstopper von Beurer

Beurer snore stopper

Say goodbye to sleepless nights with the Beurer snore stopper

With its gentle snoring therapy to reduce snoring, the snore stopper from Beurer ensures a restful night. It is fixed discreetly and unobtrusively to the ear. The "Beurer SleepQuiet" app allows you to precisely analyse your snoring behaviour.

Snore stopper

SL 70

    • Gentle snoring therapy with real-time detection of snoring by recording noises and structure-borne noise
    • To reduce snoring
    • Immediate alleviation using tone and/or vibration pulses to open the airways

Snore mask

SL 60

    • Gentle snoring therapy with real-time snoring detection
    • Immediate alleviation of snoring by means of vibration pulses on the forehead
    • Pulse intensity, sensitivity and start time can be adjusted
    • Comfortable sleep mask: washable and length-adjustable

Snore belt

SL 40

    • To prevent snoring that results from lying on your back through electrostimulation
    • For light to heavy snoring
    • Easy to use