Sleeping aid

Sleeping aid

Fall asleep in a more relaxed state of mind for greater recuperation

We all have days when it is hard to fall asleep. We are often engrossed in matters from our private or working lives and our thoughts can end up going round in circles. This can lead to internal unrest and stress, making it difficult to fall asleep quickly and calmly. Beurer sleeping aids are intended to help disrupt this process. The light or sound helps the user become aware of and focus on their breathing rhythm.

Sleeping aid with sound

SL 15 DreamSound

  • Soothing melodies for relaxation
  • Select from 4 melodies
  • With headphone jack

Sleeping aid with light

SL 10 DreamLite

  • Pulsing light projection on the room ceiling
  • To support a conscious breathing rhythm
  • You can choose between red and blue light