Shiatsu und Massage von Beurer

Shiatsu and massage by Beurer

An oasis of well-being in your own home

Shiatsu seat covers and chairs are a pure delight. You can choose between the varied application options: There's the multi-functional vibrating cover with optional heat function, a customised, full-body massage using the body-scan function, or you can select the comfortable stylish version with the deluxe massage chair.

Massage cushions

A soothing massage can often work wonders if muscle tension, pain or fatigue are making daily life harder. Since not everyone has the opportunity and the budget to have a regular massage, we offer practical and affordable massage cushions for use at home.

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Massage seat covers

Especially after a long, stressful working day, it would be nice to come home and have a relaxing massage. With our massage seat covers, your wishes can come true at any time. The different seat covers all work with a heat function. In addition, the majority of massage seats offer a relaxing neck and back massage.

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Back and neck massage

In addition to physical relaxation, the relaxing feeling of a massage often makes us feel good in mind and soul. Unfortunately, complaints and tension in the neck and back area can hardly be reached if you massage yourself. The compact Beurer back and neck massagers are a blessing for all massage lovers.

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Take a break from everyday life with our unique relaxation and massage products. Targeted exercises help you to relax your whole body and free your mind. Take some time for yourself.

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Foot massage

Treat yourself to a relaxing foot massage for tired and heavy legs with the Beurer foot massagers and foot baths. This will help you to float through the day.

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full body massage

Enjoy a penetrating and relaxing massage at home and save yourself a trip to the massage studio. Our massage range offers a variety of models to suit your individual needs. Relaxation can be as simple as that!

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Shiatsu massage chair

A Shiatsu massage offers a welcome break from the stresses of daily life – after a long day at work or a stressful meeting. A Beurer Shiatsu massage chair is a high-quality piece of furniture for your home and places a whole host of massage programmes at your fingertips.

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