Beurer Massage

Back and neck massage

Revitalising and healing massages for the back and neck

In addition to physical relaxation, the relaxing feeling of a massage often makes us feel good in mind and soul. Unfortunately, complaints and tension in the neck and back area can hardly be reached if you massage yourself. The compact Beurer back and neck massagers are a blessing for all massage lovers. If necessary, the massagers can also be used on other parts of the body, such as the legs. The massage functions include tapping massage, penetrating kneading massage, Shiatsu massage and spot massage. Practical additional features are the holders and fasteners, which contribute to easier use.

4D neck massager

MG 153

  • Penetrating kneading massage for relaxing and loosening muscles
  • 4D massage heads with hand simulation for a true massage experience
  • With removable, washable cover

3D Shiatsu massager

MG 151

  • 3D massage heads for a true massage experience
  • Versatile relaxation massage for the shoulders, neck, back and legs
  • With light and heat function

Neck massager

MG 150

  • Penetrating and powerful tapping massage for relaxation
  • Relaxes your muscles in the hard-to-reach shoulder and neck area
  • 2 tapping massage heads

Shiatsu massage belt

MG 148

  • Soothing Shiatsu massage on the back, neck and shoulders
  • Versatile application for relaxing spot massage
  • With light and heat function