Lichttherapie von Beurer

Beurer light therapy

Let the sunshine in

Sunny outlook instead of winter blues: Effective light therapy at home – daylight therapy lamps give you a little bit of extra light during periods with less sunshine and infrared lamps provide soothing heat when you have a cold or muscle tension, for example.

infrared lamps

The warming light that occurs in the infrared spectrum, seen by us as red, can help the body to regenerate and has a relaxing effect that extends beyond the targeted areas of the body. The infrared lamps are aimed directly at the relevant area for a certain period of time to relieve colds and tension – the infrared heat ensures better blood circulation. Increased blood circulation improves blood supply to the cells, muscle tension is relieved and toxins are released through the skin by sweating in the heat.

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daylight therapy lamps

Daylight affects the interaction between the body's melatonin and serotonin hormones and can therefore impact our biorhythm. In winter and on dark days, this can interfere with our inner balance and negatively affect general well-being. Beurer daylight therapy lamps help to prevent health conditions caused by a lack of sunlight.

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