maremed® sea air simulator by Beurer

Use the power of the sea at home

With the help of the patented maremed®, bring soothing sea air to the comfort of your own home. The device creates an authentic sea climate, thereby promoting restful sleep, improving breathing intensity and general well-being. Experience the healing power of the sea in all its forms day after day.

Sea air simulator

maremed® sea air simulator

  • Bring soothing sea air to the comfort of your own home
  • Innovative, patented method for creating an authentic sea air climate
  • Air pre-cleaning, mineralisation, sterilisation, air ionisation and humidification
  • Air humidification without salt deposits
  • Recommended by doctors


maremed® MK 500 combination set

  • For use with maremed® MK 500
  • 6 months supply package (for daily use)
  • A 1250g bottle of special sea salt incl. measuring jug for improved dosing is included
  • 4x pre-filter, 2x water evaporator block

maremed® special sea salt

  • For use with maremed®
  • Suitable for supportive use for asthma, neurodermatitis and psoriasis
  • Produced from natural salts
  • Contains more than 65 trace elements
  • Incl. measuring jug for improved dosing

maremed® filter replacement set

  • 2 x pre-filter
  • 1 x water filter
  • The pre-filter filters particles such as domestic dust, animal hair and extremely small airborne particles
  • Recommended for replacement every 3 months
  • Special water filter: use in the evaporator block

maremed® UVC light

  • UVC light
  • For sterilisation and disinfection of air
  • Recommended for replacement every 9 months