Fans from Beurer

Stay cool – in the office, when working from home and in your living space

Keep a cool head on hot days with fans from Beurer. They provide cooling and ensure a refreshingly cool breeze in your home. With our fans, you can improve the indoor environment and increase your well-being. 


LV 50

  • Air cooling and humidification using a fan and the evaporation principle
  • Thanks to the carrying handle, you can keep this compact device by your side all summer long
  • Water bottle as removable water tank 
  • Compact and portable – ideal for the workplace or when working from home


LV 200

  • Refreshing flow of air from fan
  • With 3 operating modes (Basic, Nature, Sleep)
  • Integrated timer function (1-15 hours)
  • Easy to use – via the device directly or remote control


Product picture

LV 50 Replacement filter

2 x Evaporation filter in filter cassette

Product picture

LV 50/LB 12 replacement bottle

  • Water bottle as removable water tank
  • For use for the cooling function
  • Maximum capacity: 0.25 l