EKG und Pulsoximeter von Beurer

Beurer ECG and pulse oximeter

Perfect self-monitoring for heart rate and pulse rate

Beurer's high-quality ECG devices and pulse oximeters guarantee reliable monitoring of your values. The calculated blood glucose values can be clearly documented and evaluated in the "beurer HealthManager" app or PC software.

Mobile ECG device

With the Beurer mobile ECG device you can monitor your heart rhythm safely and consistently. Our mobile ECG device allows you to monitor your own cardiac activity in the comfort of your own home as well as on the move. You can record your heart rhythm at any time, for example when you feel unwell. The results are presented in a graphic display using the supplied ECG manager software and can be passed on to the doctor.

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pulse oximeter

Pulse frequency and the oxygen saturation are important parameters for your personal health.
Beurer pulse oximeters can be used to measure the arterial oxygen saturation of haemoglobin and your heart rate. The medical devices are used within the context of pulse oximetry, from fit and healthy athletes to chronically ill patients requiring care.

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