Beurer Fascia massage

Beurer Fascia massage

Deeply effective all-rounder against fasciae agglutinations

Most people have already experienced or felt complaints from agglutinated fasciae and connective tissue cells in their own body. Restrictions in mobility and pain are often the result of such agglutinations. Our Beurer fascia massagers, fascia rollers & fascia balls offer a quick and easy remedy. Depending on the area of application and treatment, the properties of the devices and the slight vibration effect offer real support during massage. This allows tense muscle groups to be activated and regenerated, blood circulation to be promoted and a significant increase in mobility to be achieved. From a small handy ball to a professional device – there is something for everyone.

Beurer Vibrating massage roller

MG 35

  • Vibrating massage roll for targeted massage of trigger points
  • 3 rotating roller units for flexibleapplication options
  • Deep acting thanks to a special soft-touch surface

Vibrating massage ball

MG 10

  • Can relieve fasciae agglutinations and hardness
  • Small and handy – ideal for on the go

Fasciae massager

fascia releaZer® and deep releaZer®

  • Breaks down fasciae agglutinations
  • Rejuvenates and regenerates the muscle tissue
  • Significant increase in circulation