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Feel good all over with smart products


Feeling good means feeling beautiful.


Facial treatment, haircare, cellulite massage or long-lasting hair removal – take your professional beauty salon home with you.

FC 55 Bodybrush
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Pure zest for life with the perfect training partner.


From activity trackers and heart rate monitors to electrostimulation with EMS/TENS and abdominal toning belts.

EM 95 HomeStudio
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Prevention, diagnostics and therapy.


Blood pressure monitors, ECG devices and pulse oximeters as well as nebulisers, clinical thermometers and electrostimulation devices offer you perfectly coordinated health management.

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Feel good all over with smart products.


For a modern and healthy lifestyle: from heating products, personal bathroom scales, kitchen scales and air and light therapy to massagers and a comprehensive range of products for sleep and rest.

HD 75 White
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