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Reorganisation of the International Sales Structure at Beurer

As part of the official change in the Beurer management, the sales team has also been restructured with effect from 1 April 2021. Following the appointment of Sebastian Kebbe as the new Managing Director, Ingo Eschweiler takes on the role of Director Sales & Marketing Europe. Export Director Bernd Lindner continues to be responsible for overseas distributors.

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A new addition to the range: LR 220 Air purifier with modern design and excellent filter performance

The concentration of pollutants and allergens is often two to five times higher in our living spaces than outside. Pollen, fine dust and other particles don't stand a chance with the new LR 220 Air purifier from Beurer! Allergy sufferers in particular can finally breathe calmly again in their home, as the LR 220 removes nearly everything from the air that could harm your health thanks to the three-layered filter system with HEPA H13 filter. The Air purifier can ensure a better indoor climate in your home and a better quality of life all year round – not just during pollen season.

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Change in the Management Board at health specialist Beurer

For the last 20 years, Georg Walkenbach has been an integral part of Beurer's Management Board and has been actively driving the company's success. Sales increased by a factor of 15 during this time, and Beurer is now one of the world's top manufacturers and number one in the health and well-being sector. On 1 April 2021, Georg Walkenbach will hand over the management baton to his successor Sebastian Kebbe. Alongside Marco Bühler and Oliver Neuschl, the current Director Marketing & Sales Europe will represent Beurer in the area of Marketing & Sales as a new director. Walkenbach will still continue to advise the company on a wide range of projects.

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Keep an eye on your blood pressure and heart rhythm with the new BC 51 wrist blood pressure monitor

According to the German Hypertension Society, high blood pressure is the number one risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. In Germany, roughly one in three adults experiences hypertension – amongst those over 70, this is actually three in four people. One difficulty is that hypertension is generally not recognisable through specific symptoms. Therefore, regular self-monitoring is recommended. Beurer has added a new wrist blood pressure monitor with innovative functions for precise measurement to its range.

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Cooperation between Beurer and Barbara Becker promises high-quality moments of relaxation

The Ulm-based family-run company Beurer is now working together with Barbara Becker. As a specialist in health and well-being with over 100 years of experience, Beurer has outstanding expertise – including in the area of well-being and self-care. With its special products with a high-quality design, the Ulm-based company finds simple ways to make life more pleasant, offering the best solution for every area and any training session. One person who can appreciate our expertise is the self-made fashion, beauty and fitness entrepreneur and mother of two Barbara Becker. In addition, she perfectly complements Beurer's philosophy. She also knows what it takes to feel good in your own skin and to look after your body properly. In her many videos, she gives tips and tricks for how to use certain exercises to relax your body. Using this advice, anyone can enjoy a little moment just to themselves.

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Good hearing means a better quality of life: Beurer introduces new range of digital hearing amplifiers

Be it the result of age, career or an accident: difficulty hearing is a widespread problem which naturally worsens with age. Thanks to sophisticated technology, those affected can enjoy a big boost to their quality of life. Beurer has developed a new range of digital hearing amplifiers designed to assist the user in their everyday life. What's more, people who suspect they have lost their hearing can visit a web page and check their hearing themselves in a free online hearing test. This page also provides tips on hearing amplifiers.

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New beauty assistant for smooth skin and a radiant complexion

Your skin sometimes needs a little extra care, especially in the cold season. Beurer has now added a new helper to its range of home beauty products to make you feel like you're at a professional beauty clinic. The FC 41 Power deep pore cleanser uses vacuum technology to cleanse deep into the pores and leaves your facial skin looking radiant.

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Beurer Hungary strengthened as a European production facility for medical devices

The current coronavirus pandemic is presenting major challenges to many companies. However, it is in times of crisis when Europe's close economic links become particularly apparent. The coronavirus investment programmes approved by the EU are also helping German SMEs. Hungary is supporting Beurer with a total of 1.36 million euros for its project to set up and expand a European production plant for the manufacture of medical devices. Completion is planned for the second half of 2021.

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Targeted massage with the new massage gun

Anyone suffering from muscle tension, pain or fatigue can now combat these problems themselves, using targeted trigger point massage. The new MG 180 Deep tissue massager is very easy to handle, and can even be used without another person to assist you.

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Keep an eye on your oxygen saturation and pulse using the PO 35 and PO 45 Pulse oximeters

Mountaineers, amateur pilots and alpine athletes know this only too well – with each metre of altitude gained, the air becomes thinner, with less oxygen. Each day, the human body needs oxygen to keep the cells in the body alive. A healthy person has oxygen saturation between 94 and 99 percent. The oxygen content in your blood may fall due to sport at altitude, or also due to illness or the effect of medication. Your vital signs should therefore be monitored regularly. Beurer is offering two new pulse oximeters to determine oxygen saturation and pulse.

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