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SatinSkin: The new LadyRange from Beurer, for smooth skin and bodily comfort

Today, having silky smooth and supple skin is considered part of maintaining a well-groomed appearance. For many people, it is something that helps them to feel great about themselves. With the new LadyRange SatinSkin from Beurer, which consists of the HL 16 Facial Hair Remover, the HL 36 Ladies' Shaver and the HL 76 Epilator, everyone can find their preferred method of hair removal. These new products are built to impress, offering a modern, fresh design, ease of use and radiantly beautiful results.

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Beurer wins multiple German Innovation Awards 2022

The German Design Council, which was set up by the German Federal Council, hands out the "German Innovation Award" every year for particularly innovative products. This year, Beurer was delighted to have two products receive awards. The BM 81 easyLock Blood Pressure Monitor with integrated cuff emerged from the competition as a "Winner", while the LifePad®, a resuscitation aid, was awarded "Gold" status.

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BF 915 SignatureLine: Reach your desired weight with a smart diagnostic bathroom scale and an app

With the stylish BF 915 SignatureLine Diagnostic Bathroom Scale, you can easily keep an eye onvalues such as body weight, body fat, body water, muscle percentage, bone mass and calorie display, AMR/BMR and BMI. Complete with a connected app, daily weight checks can be carried out at home or on the go. With its distinctive design, this new product is also sure to be an eye-catcher in the bathroom.

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Measuring blood pressure has never been easier with the BM 81 easyLock – no tubes means no stress

High blood pressure is probably one of the most well-known health conditions. Hypertension is not always noticeable through specific symptoms, meaning the number of unreported cases is very high – almost 30% in Germany according to a recent study*. If left untreated, however, high blood pressure can damage important organs over time, such as the heart, coronary arteries, brain, kidneys and blood vessels, with the potential for serious consequences. Each year, organisations such as Deutsche Hochdruckliga e.V. (German Hypertension Society) also raise awareness of the topic on World Hypertension Day on 17 May. By regularly monitoring your blood pressure values, you can uncover the first signs of hypertension. With the new BM 81 easyLock, Beurer has developed an upper arm blood pressure monitor with an innovative cuff that makes taking blood pressure measurements as part of daily life easier than ever before. This is also confirmed by experts from German lifestyle and test magazine ETM TESTMAGAZIN, who rated the device as "GOOD" in their online standalone test.

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Beurer is Specialist Retail Brand 2022

Beurer once again awarded the title of "Specialist Retail Brand of the Year" by the Plus X Award. Up until 11 March 2022, specialist retailers in Germany had the opportunity to vote for their preferred brand and thus choose the specialist retail brand of the year. The Ulm-based health specialist won the award for the sixth time in a row in the "Health & Personal Care" category.

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Beurer receives multiple Red Dot Design Awards

Outstanding design achievements and product innovations are the attributes that the 48 jurors of the renowned Red Dot Design Award appraise each year. The Ulm-based health specialist was able to win over the internationally coveted award's top-class jury with well-thought-out products. This time around, the BM 81 easyLock Blood Pressure Monitor, the LR 220 Air Purifier and the MG 185 Massage Gun received the award.

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“Beurer Campus” officially inaugurated

After almost three years of construction, the time has finally come! The new administrative building – the "Beurer Campus" – has been inaugurated. With this large-scale construction project, Beurer invested almost 13 million euros at its company headquarters and has made a clear commitment to the Ulm business location; the family-run company has been intrinsically linked to the site since the company was founded in 1919. The new building offers space for 100 additional jobs and creates a "new work culture" with top conditions, including for hybrid working.

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Make waves in your bathroom – new Beurer HairCare range features a stylish design in a striking colour

The new StylePro Ocean HairCare range from Beurer enables you to create those salon looks from the comfort of your own home. The range, with its hair dryer, volumising hair dryer brush and hair straightener, stands out in a new petrol colour. It is a highlight for all those who love modern, elegant design, making it even more fun to create soft waves and sophisticated looks.

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New massage guns for targeted and effective muscle regeneration

Wave goodbye to muscle pain! Targeted trigger point massage can regenerate tired parts of the body and effectively relieve muscle tension. The Beurer PhysioLine offers precisely tailored products that provide effective support for muscle tissue strengthening and regeneration. The range is now being expanded with two new massage guns, the MG 99 compact and the MG 185, and offers athletes, above all, the chance for some soothing downtime after training. What is more, the devices can also provide relief for people suffering from tension in their everyday life, for example as a result of office work.

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Festive tips to care for your hands and nails

Immaculate hands and nails are often crucial for making the perfect first impression. Frequent hand washing is taking a particular toll on the skin at the moment, resulting in dry hands and brittle, cracked nails. Thanks to both the Beurer MP 70 Paraffin bath and the new MP 84 Manicure/pedicure set, you can have your own nail salon in the comfort of your own home – for silky smooth skin that makes you look your best.

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