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Targeted massage with the new massage gun

Anyone suffering from muscle tension, pain or fatigue can now combat these problems themselves, using targeted trigger point massage. The new MG 180 Deep tissue massager is very easy to handle, and can even be used without another person to assist you.

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Keep an eye on your oxygen saturation and pulse using the PO 35 and PO 45 Pulse oximeters

Mountaineers, amateur pilots and alpine athletes know this only too well – with each metre of altitude gained, the air becomes thinner, with less oxygen. Each day, the human body needs oxygen to keep the cells in the body alive. A healthy person has oxygen saturation between 94 and 99 percent. The oxygen content in your blood may fall due to sport at altitude, or also due to illness or the effect of medication. Your vital signs should therefore be monitored regularly. Beurer is offering two new pulse oximeters to determine oxygen saturation and pulse.

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3rd place in the Digital Champions Award

Ulm-based healthcare specialist Beurer takes third place in the SME Digital Transformation category of the Digital Champions Award. This accolade demonstrates that, among German SMEs, the Ulm-based market leader is a pioneer in digitalisation as well as other fields.

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“pearl by Beurer”: Fulfil the desire to have children naturally and easily

Regardless of how long the female cycle lasts, women only have a few days a month where they have a chance of becoming pregnant. The probability of this occurring naturally at the first attempt is around 33% for couples under 25 years of age. The new "pearl by Beurer" OT 80 fertility set helps women fulfil a desire to have children through a home hormone analysis and plan a pregnancy in a targeted manner, or better understand their own monthly cycle. The set consists of ovulation test strips and, in combination with the "pearl Fertility" app, allows women to individually predict ovulation and fertile days.

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Pain relief without medication with Beurer's new TENS/EMS devices

Electrostimulation is a clinically tested and proven self-therapy technique against pain that works without medication. Its operating principle is based on the imitation of impulses produced by our bodies, which are transferred through the skin to nerve and muscle fibres via electrodes, and thereby aid pain relief. With the EM 59 Heat, Beurer is launching a new TENS/EMS device with heat function to successfully treat discomfort without medication. Anyone wanting a particularly practical TENS/EMS treatment should opt for the new EM 70 Wireless with its wireless control unit.

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MG 35 Deep Roll: The little helper for tense muscles and fascia

Every workout also requires a targeted recovery. Beurer now offers a new little helper for this purpose: the MG 35 Deep Roll massage roller with vibration. It provides a targeted massage of stressed muscles and fascia. The device supplements the Beurer PhysioLine, which combines various products for relaxation after training or alongside physiotherapy.

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German Design Award 2021 for maremed®

Beurer and its innovative maremed® sea air simulator are among the winners in the German Design Awards 2021. The German Design Council awarded the Ulm-based healthcare specialist the award for its outstanding design innovation. The German centre of excellence is a byword for design, brand and innovation, and rewards projects that represent a pioneering contribution in the German and international design landscape. In collaboration with pulse design from Munich, Beurer has packaged the innovative product solution in an attractive design.

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Beurer in the Top 10 of "Germany's Top Family Businesses 2020"

WirtschaftsWoche names Beurer GmbH as one of "Germany's Top Family Businesses 2020". In a new study, the Ulm-based family business came in sixth place out of the 500 SMEs evaluated. Marketing Director Kerstin Glanzer accepted the certificate on behalf of Beurer.

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Test rating "VERY GOOD" for new Beurer products

Two new Beurer products convinced the experts at ETM TESTMAGAZIN in an online individual test. The 4D neck massager MG 153 and the Insect bite healer BR 60 have been awarded the test rating "VERY GOOD". The good material processing, the effectiveness and the easy handling of the products were particularly emphasised.

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New at Beurer: Relieve itching after insect bites

 The Ulm-based health specialist Beurer now offers an insect bite healer in its medical range. The BR 60 treats insect bites and stings and relieves skin symptoms, such as itching, inflammation and swelling.

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