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Beurer is launching its production of face masks and is supporting the German Federal Government

Special times call for special measures. The healthcare specialist Beurer has recognised that there is currently a lack of medical protective equipment, even though these goods are necessary for every day life. This is why the Ulm-based company is expanding its production in Germany and Hungary and is now also manufacturing high-quality FFP2 masks and surgical masks there. It goes without saying that Beurer, as a medical device manufacturer, meets all the quality criteria required in the medical environment. As a result, Beurer was able to process the first order for the delivery of 20 million FFP2 masks to the German Federal Government in May.

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Relieve menstrual cramps with the EM 50 Menstrual Relax

Menstruation forms part of a woman's life for around forty years. Of the 130 million women that this affects in Europe, an estimated 20% suffer from such severe period pain that it restricts their day-to-day lives. Many women need to prepare for periods of discomfort on a regular basis, but want to avoid using pain-relief medication. Beurer is now launching a TENS device with optional heat function that has been specifically designed to provide a natural means of relieving menstrual cramps.

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Eliminate pain without medication with the Beurer cuff range for TENS application

Be it pain in the wrist or ankles, on the lower arm, knees or elbows – Beurer offers a comprehensive range of TENS cuffs which use electrostimulation to mitigate pain effectively and without medication. The new EM 26, designed especially for use in the shoulder area, now completes the selection offered by the Ulm-based health specialist.

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Fall asleep more easily and get a better night’s sleep with the latest products from Beurer SleepLine

Whether it's everyday worries, thoughts constantly going round your head or a snoring partner – there are many reasons that can make it difficult to fall asleep and can disrupt a relaxing night's rest. The Beurer SleepLine range provides the answer. With its range of products developed specifically for healthy sleep, the Ulm-based healthcare specialist is helping to overcome difficulties with falling asleep and sleeping through the night. The range has now been expanded with new products, available now: the SL 40 Snore belt, as well as the SL 10 DreamLight and SL 15 DreamSound sleeping aids.

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Beautiful and well cared for from head to toe at home

Feeling good means feeling beautiful. When a trip to the beauty salon is not possible, many women want to treat themselves to their own feel-good regime at home. With facial or powered body brushes and foot spas, Beurer offers a comprehensive beauty range for your well-being oasis at home, with professional results.

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Counteract dry hands and cracked nails

Constantly washing your hands puts particular stress on your skin,especially in the times we are currently witnessing. Your hands can feel dry and nails become brittle and cracked. Thanks to the MP 70 Paraffin bath and the MP 64 Manicure/pedicure set, you can care for your hands and nails directly at home in just a few steps.

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Keeping fit day-to-day: effective workouts at home

Staying fit and healthy: in times like these, this is especially important. Many people are looking for alternative options for working out at home when gyms are closed, yoga and sports classes are cancelled and working from home and looking after the children are taking priority. Beurer provides products that allow you to maintain an active daily life and make it easy to work out individually in your own home.

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Two Beurer products awarded by the Red Dot Award for design quality

In keeping with the motto "In search of a good design and innovation", the jury of the Red Dot Award 2020 has once again tested around 6500 products. This year, two Beurer products submitted were able to meet the high demands of one of the largest design competitions in the world. The award in the category of Product Design 2020 went to the EM 50 Menstrual relax, the posture trainer PC 100 PostureControl convinced the jury in the meta category "Smart Product".

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Detecting cardiovascular problems: Beurer is cooperating with Cardiolyse

Together with the Finnish start-up Cardiolyse, the Ulm-based health specialist Beurer is offering the first comprehensive solution for detecting cardiovascular problems. The partnership is foreseen to enable expansion of the Cardiolyse eHealth platform and heart signal analytics services to the global market as well as further improvement of the product to serve the patient-centric digitalization of the healthcare industry. It is an ECG & HRV predictive analytics platform for real-time remote heart health and fatigue risks monitoring. For this purpose, Beurer ECG devices delivering important viral parameters.

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Using daylight therapy lamps to combat the winter blues

Daylight is essential. If we do not get it, especially during the autumn and winter months, production of the happy hormone serotonin is reduced, impacting our sense of well-being significantly. Beurer offers different daylight therapy lamps in order to combat autumn and winter depression. The fact that those affected can benefit from non-pharmaceutical treatment, such as light therapy, has also now been confirmed by the latest results of the preliminary HTA report commissioned by the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare (Institut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen, IQWiG).

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