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Beurer wins multiple German Innovation Awards 2022

The German Design Council, which was set up by the German Federal Council, hands out the "German Innovation Award" every year for particularly innovative products. This year, Beurer was delighted to have two products receive awards. The BM 81 easyLock Blood Pressure Monitor with integrated cuff emerged from the competition as a "Winner", while the LifePad®, a resuscitation aid, was awarded "Gold" status.

Saving lives with the LifePad® by Beurer
A heart attack can happen to anyone – any time, any place. Help is required quickly, but many people are hesitant to administer life-saving first aid because they're worried about doing something wrong. The LifePad® from Beurer helps people keep a cool head in an emergency and carry out resuscitation safely. The resuscitation aid is equipped with a rhythm signal that indicates the frequency of 100 beats per minute, as well as a coloured LED display that helps the user to maintain the correct compression pressure. To assist you, all the necessary steps are clearly shown on the product. The LifePad® was developed in collaboration with the Swiss medical technology company Innotas AG. Beurer also works together with the Björn Steiger Foundation, which has been working for more than 50 years to improve emergency assistance and rescue services in Germany. It is "a cleverly thought-out product that doesn't weigh much, takes up very little space and can save lives in an emergency," the jury explained in regard to their decision to award the resuscitation aid GOLD in the "Excellence in Business to Consumer - Medical & Health" category.

The BM 81 easyLock: simply put it on, tighten and measure
The BM 81 easyLock blood pressure monitor stands out from other blood pressure monitors at first glance, as it does not require any tubes or cables. The innovative easyLock cuff is firmly attached to the measuring device and can simply be put over the arm and tightened, making the measurement process much easier. The cuff is suitable for upper arm circumferences of 24 – 40 cm. This all-in-one measuring device also comes with a number of additional features, such as the ability to take measurements during inflation thanks to the integrated inflation technology. This makes the measurement process much gentler. Other highlights include the LED risk indicator, arrhythmia detection and cuff position control. For optimal health monitoring, the device can be connected to the "beurer HealthManager" app or the Pro version. This all-in-one solution in the field of blood pressure monitors won over the German Innovation Award jury and was chosen as the WINNER in the "Excellence in Business to Consumer - Medical & Health" category.

The German Design Council, which presents the German Innovation Award each year, was set up by the German Federal Parliament and receives donations from German industry. The focus is on cross-sector products and solutions that are different from previous solutions primarily in terms of being user-centred and providing added value.