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MG 35 Deep Roll: The little helper for tense muscles and fascia

Every workout also requires a targeted recovery. Beurer now offers a new little helper for this purpose: the MG 35 Deep Roll massage roller with vibration. It provides a targeted massage of stressed muscles and fascia. The device supplements the Beurer PhysioLine, which combines various products for relaxation after training or alongside physiotherapy.

The MG 35 Deep Roll massage roller with vibration promotes the deep regeneration of tense muscle areas through targeted trigger point massage. Trigger points are small knots in the muscles that are caused, among other things, by incorrect posture in everyday life or excessive strain. Regular treatment of the knots can prevent muscle hardening, promote circulation and alleviate complaints. The MG 35 also helps to loosen the fascial tissue and dissolve fascial adhesions. The device is versatile and can be used for example on the calf, thigh, arms, shoulders and back. It can be used while standing, sitting or lying down. Thanks to the soft-touch surface with its special structure and ergonomic shape, exercises can be carried out conveniently and easily at home or on the road. With three rotating roller elements, the product flexibly adapts to body movements. Three intensity levels and a predefined massage mode ensure optimal regeneration or strengthening of muscle and fascial tissue. The MG 35 Deep Roll has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and automatic switch-off after 15 minutes.