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Pain relief without medication with Beurer's new TENS/EMS devices

Electrostimulation is a clinically tested and proven self-therapy technique against pain that works without medication. Its operating principle is based on the imitation of impulses produced by our bodies, which are transferred through the skin to nerve and muscle fibres via electrodes, and thereby aid pain relief. With the EM 59 Heat, Beurer is launching a new TENS/EMS device with heat function to successfully treat discomfort without medication. Anyone wanting a particularly practical TENS/EMS treatment should opt for the new EM 70 Wireless with its wireless control unit.

EM 59 Heat – TENS/EMS device with heat function
Whether only TENS/EMS, heat treatment, or both are to be used at the same time – the EM 59 Heat is a true all-rounder. The medical device offers a total of 64 predefined and six customisable programs, 50 intensity levels and two heat levels. It also has programs for building muscle (EMS), massage and relaxation. Using it is simple. All the user has to do is attach the four electrodes, which can be controlled separately via two channels, using the self-adhesive gel pads to the corresponding parts of the body. To help in placing them, the position of the electrodes is indicated in the display. The heat function can also help relieve pain. The device comes with a rechargeable battery with an output of 2000 mAh, enough for six 20-minute sessions. This means you never have to change any batteries. Four electrodes with gel pads (45 x 45 mm) and the rechargeable battery including USB charging cable are included in delivery.

EM 70 Wireless – TENS/EMS device with remote control
The new medical device with control unit is wireless, battery-powered and therefore easy to use any time and anywhere – whether at home or on the go. The 19 predefined programs and 15 intensity levels of the EM 70 Wireless are suitable for pain relief for joint and back complaints, and also for muscle stimulation, accompanying training or for regeneration after sport. The user can easily control the device via remote control. Both a large and a medium-sized electrode can be connected, depending on requirements. There is also the option to connect an electrode extension with two small electrodes, in order to increase the area to be stimulated. Included in delivery are four self-adhesive gel electrodes including one large (190 x 95 mm), one medium (110 x 75 mm) and two small electrodes (50 x 50 mm), one rechargeable battery and USB charging cable, as well as a practical storage bag.

The EM 70 Wireless is supplemented by the free "beurer PainAway" app. In this coaching app, the user can see the correct positioning of electrodes for each area of the body, and receive helpful explanations on the device's various programs, for example. Interesting background information on pain therapy using TENS is also available. The app is available for iOS and Android.