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MEDICA 2018: Two new Beurer devices offer reliable and comfortable blood pressure measurement

High blood pressure is among the most prominent health risks of our time. In the majority of cases, high blood pressure is only discovered by chance as there are hardly any early warning signs for hypertension. Those affected can feel well for years, so it's important to check your blood pressure regularly to avoid irreparable damage. At MEDICA in Düsseldorf from 12 to 15 November 2018, Beurer will be showcasing a new blood pressure monitor for the upper arm and for the wrist.

BM 54 – easy to use with Bluetooth® function
The new BM 54 enables fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement on the upper arm. The risk indicator, a coloured scale for classifying measurements, helps the user in interpreting their measurements. As such, immediately following the measurement the easy-to-read XL display shows whether the blood pressure value is too low, too high, or normal. The device boasts a contemporary black design and has two user memories for 60 measured values each. Each measurement is saved with the date and time. The user is also able to display the average value of all saved measurements, as well as the average value for their morning and evening blood pressure from the last seven days. With the integrated cardiac arrhythmia detection, the device is able to detect potential anomalies in the heart rhythm and notify the user after the measurement by means of a symbol in the display. The universal cuff is suitable even for larger upper arm circumferences measuring 22-44 cm. The reliable measurement accuracy offered by the BM 54 has been clinically validated by the European Society of Hypertension (ESH). The Bluetooth® function enables the measurements to be wirelessly transferred to the "beurer HealthManager" app. This enables reliable analysis over the long term and makes it easier to communicate with your doctor.

BC 21 – talking wrist blood pressure monitor
The BC 21 enables automatic and reliable blood pressure monitoring on your wrist, making it a handy companion, particularly when you're on the move. The device has two user memories for 60 measured values each. Just like the BM 54, the BC 21 sets itself apart by its risk indicator and the cardiac arrhythmia detection, which help the user to interpret their measurements and flag potential anomalies. The measured values are saved with the date and time. The device shows the average values of all saved measurements, as well as the average values for the morning and evening blood pressure from the last seven days. These enable changes to be detected faster and allow the user to take the necessary action together with their doctor. The BC 21 also comes with voice output for the measured values in several languages. The device is available in two versions, each with five different languages (English, Spanish, Polish, Arabic, Farsi; and German, English, French, Italian, Turkish).

Further information about the blood pressure monitors is available at the Beurer stand at MEDICA from 12 to 15 November 2018 in Hall 10, Stand D20.