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Beurer ECG devices: the reliable way to monitor your heart rhythm


Our health is our most valuable commodity and wearables are a popular way of monitoring and improving it. In addition to the pedometer, calorie counter and pulse monitor, certain products in the USA now come with an ECG measurement function. It is intended to assist in the early detection of cardiac arrhythmia. Although experts in Germany view this as an interesting opportunity to monitor potential heart rate anomalies, they also point towards the need for conducting further studies on these types of products. Beurer provides two medical devices to the German market that deliver reliable results - the BM 95 and the ME 90. The results can be documented in the "beurer CardioExpert" app, and passed on to a doctor via an export function, if required.

Thanks to the easy-to-use design of the ME 90 and BM 95, you can take an ECG recording without any prior knowledge. The heart rhythm is recorded for 30 seconds. The two devices perform the basic recording and evaluation, and automatically assess whether your heart rhythm is too fast, too slow, irregular, skips a beat or is normal. This will be indicated to the user immediately after the recording via an easily intelligible symbol on the display. Via Bluetooth® and the "beurer CardioExpert" app, the measurement is also processed in the form of a printout for subsequent interpretation by the doctor.

BM 95 – 2-in-1 upper arm blood pressure monitor with ECG function

The upper arm blood pressure monitor has a handy ECG stick. Fully automatic blood pressure and pulse measurement is carried out on the upper arm using a universal cuff for upper arm circumferences of 22-42 cm. The 1-channel ECG function can also make a recording of your heart rhythm. The measurement is taken using the ECG stick, which features various measurement methods, ensuring that the device can be adapted to your personal heart configuration. The measurement takes place within a 30-second countdown period and is indicated via a flashing heart rate display. The device has an enhanced arrhythmia detection, which can also detect atrial fibrillation and extrasystoles, for example. During the measurement, the average heart rate is displayed. Once the countdown is complete, an evaluation of the ECG measurement appears on the display of the BM 95.

ME 90 – mobile ECG device

The ME 90 is a small and handy and therefore suitable for taking with you on trips or when you're on the move. Immediately after the measurement, all the values and functions are clearly displayed on the easy-to-read LCD display. Its 1-button operation makes it particularly easy to use. The portable 1-channel ECG device records your heart rhythm for 30 seconds and provides information about your average pulse value as well as any deviation from a normal ECG. Amongst other things, the measurement also allows you to detect anomalies, such as heart palpitations, skipped heartbeats, arrhythmia or altered waveforms. Different measurement methods allow you to make adjustments in line with your personal heart configuration. The recording can be taken through chest-arm-hand or hand-arm-upper body-arm-hand.