beurer - Heated underblanket - Fully fitted - UB 67 Cosy

Heated underblanket in fitted sheet form: Type UB 67 Cosy
  • BSS (Beurer Safety System)
  • Automatic switch down after 3 h from temperature settings 3 and 4 to temperature setting 2
  • Removable switch
  • Machine-washable at 30 °C
  • Universal size, suitable for 90 x 200 / 100 x 200 cm
  • 60 watt
  • Oeko-Tex: The textiles used for this device meet the stringent human ecological requirements of Oeko-Tex Standard 100, as verified by Hohenstein Research Institute.

    The textiles used for this device meet the stringent human ecological requirements of Oeko-Tex Standard 100.
    Piktogramm: BSS safety system Beurer Safety System BSS

    Safety is the most important issue when it comes to flexible heating products. We are well aware of this responsibility and therefore use the well-tried and wellestablished Beurer Safety System in our underblankets and heating pads. The electric sensor technology prevents overheating in case of misuse by automatic switch-off, securing the highest possible safety. Safe and undisturbed sleep at a pleasant temperature.
    Piktogramm: machine washable Machine washable

    Machine washable due to plug and socket
    Electric underblanket and fitted sheet in one

    The electric underblanket stays in place – no more slipping!
    Piktogramm: Cosy fleece Cosy

    High-quality material from superfleece fibres for a true sense of well-being
    UB 67 Cosy
    Wärmeunterbetten: Modell UB 67
    UB 67 Cosy
    Heated underblanket - Fully fitted
    Electric underblanket as fitted sheet with foot zone extra warm
    after approx. 12 hours
    Suitable for 90 x 200 and 100 x 200
    Topside micro fibre
    TS 15

    TS 15
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    Wärmeunterbett: Modell TS 20

    TS 20
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    Wärmeunterbetten: Modell TS 26

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    UB 100
    UB 190 Wärmeunterbett

    UB 190 CosyNight
    UB 200 CosyNight Wärmeunterbett

    UB 200 CosyNight
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    UB 30
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    UB 33
    Wärmeunterbetten: Modell UB 53

    UB 53
    Doppel-Wärmeunterbett: UB 56

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    Wärmeunterbetten: Modell UB 60

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    UB 65 Unterbett

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    Wärmeunterbett UB 83

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    Doppel-Wärmeunterbett: UB 86

    UB 86 XXL
    Wärmeunterbetten: Modell UB 90

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