beurer - Aroma diffuser - LA 50

Aroma diffuser: Type LA 50
  • Suitable for rooms up to approx. 15 m² or in close proximity of the user
  • Capacity bottle: 100 ml
  • Automatic switch-off if bottle is empty
  • Incl. cleaning brush for cleaning the ultrasound membrane and the water tank
  • Small, handy and also stable
  • Includes 24V mains adapter
    Auto off Automatic switch-off

    The product is equipped with an automatic switch-off function.
    Ultrasonic technology Ultrasonic technology

    This product is equipped with ultrasound humidification technology.
    100 ml tank Tank capacity

    100 ml – automatic switch-off when tank is empty
    15m2 rooms Size of the room

    Suitable for rooms measuring up to 15 m2
    12 Watt Output

    12 watts
    LED light With atmospheric blue LED illumination

    Aroma atomisation possible, with and without lamp
    LA 50
    Aroma Diffuser: Modell LA 50
    LA 50
    Aroma diffuser
    suitable for water-soluble aromatic oils
    Atomisation available with and without atmospheric blue LED light
    12 Watts (energy-saving)
    100 ml
    yes, when tank is empty
    11,6 x 11,2 x 16,2
    approx. 410 g (including mains adapter)

    LA 20

    LA 20
    Aroma Diffuser: Modell LA 30

    LA 30