Expansion of the range of scales

Scales range 2015

Beurer's extensive range of scales has now been expanded to include more products.

The GS 485 glass scale enables innovative networking between the smartphone and scale using Bluetooth® Smart technology. Download the Beurer HealthManager free of charge – that way you can keep track of your measurements at any time at home and on the move.

The GS 490 designer glass scale offers a stylish look. The border's high-quality copper look is an aesthetic addition to your bathroom.

The GS 203 London and GS 203 New York designer glass scales bring a distinctive feel to the bathroom. The timeless photo scene and illuminated white display allow you to add colour to any room.


How active are you during the day and at night?

Last year the Beurer HealthManager was exclusively exhibited at the IFA - the world's largest electronics trade fair - in Berlin. The introduction of the AS 80 activity sensor means the health management system can now monitor activity levels and sleep activity.

The wristband will help you improve your body awareness and personal well-being. It also has two useful tracking functions that record your activity day and night. You can use Bluetooth Smart technology to transfer data on activity levels and sleep behaviour to your smartphone. Evaluating this data will help you see whether you are meeting your targets for daily exercise & sleeping patterns.

For fitness and everyday, day and night. Discover the new AS 80 activity sensor.

Smooth skin with IPL


You can already start to prepare for summer using the IPL 7000 hair removal device from Beurer. Long-lasting hair removal with skin tolerance that has now been confirmed in a new dermatological study.

The state-of-the-art, clinically tested Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis and is also used by dermatologists for professional hair removal. Optical energy is used during the application. In addition to more traditional areas such as the face, arms, legs, armpits, bikini line as well as the back, chest and stomach, the compact design of the IPL 7000 SatinSkin Pro hair removal device makes it possible to also reach unwanted hair in smaller areas of the body. These hairs can be quickly and easily removed thanks to the integrated flash-glide function.

Haarentfernung mit IPL

Dermatological study confirms skin tolerance

The skin tolerance of the IPL 7000 has now been confirmed in a new dermatological study. The female participants in the study attest that the new IPL 7000 compact device has excellent tolerance, that the application has no side effects, and they find the application to be very safe for the skin. This means that the skin tolerance of all IPL devices in the Beurer range have now been dermatologically confirmed. A study has also been carried out for the two SalonPro systems IPL 9000+ and IPL 10000+ – both also with excellent results.

The application study* for the IPL 7000 in numbers:

 > 95% of the test participants found their skin tolerated the application very well
None of the test participants noticed any side effects following the application
> 97% found the application to be safe for their skin
> 90% found the treatment to be pain-free
> 97% of the users were very happy with the level of skin tolerance
85% found that their skin tolerated the IPL treatment better than standard methods (such as shaving, epilating, waxing, etc.)

* Dermatological study, proDerm Institute Hamburg, test participants: 20 women, study no. 14.0309-11


Stay blissfully warm throughout the winter

There's no longer a need to shiver through the cold winter months thanks to the new HK 72 mobile heat belt from Beurer. It can be worn easily under your clothing, without being bulky. It offers maximum ease of movement, flexible application and easy fixing.

Once charged, the high-performance lithium-ion battery provides up to 4 hours of mobile heat, ensuring that you stay comfortably warm throughout the winter.

4 temperature settings ensure that you can always find the level of heat to suit you. An automatic switch-off function on the belt is activated after approx. 90 minutes of use to ensure safety at all times.

Find out more about this beneficial new addition to Beurer's range and ensure that you stay warm throughout the cold winter months.

HK 72 mobile heat belt

Beurer HealthManager app now available for use with Android devices

Beurer HealthManager app for android devices
Beurer HealthManager is a health management system. You can use it to evaluate your own body values easily and safely using progress graphs and tables. Until now it was possible to transfer and call up data using the HealthManager software, the HealthManager web version and the associated iOS app. The Beurer HealthManager app for Android devices is now also available to download free of charge in the Play Store.


Compatibility of the HealthManager

Compatibility has been tested with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG Google Nexus 5; compatibility with other Android devices is possible but is not guaranteed.