The new Beurer BodyShape app


Fun motivation: activity, workout, healthy diet and lifestyle tips combined in one app. The Beurer BodyShape app meets these needs and gives lifestyle and health-conscious customers clear weight and activity tracking through connection with the new AS 81 BodyShape activity sensor and the new BF 710 BodyShape diagnostic scale. The data can be transferred easily to the BodyShape app via Bluetooth®.

Emma – the user's personal buddy on the journey to her ideal weight – provides support and motivation, gives tips on diet and lifestyle and runs through a fun workout programme with the user. There are several areas to choose from here: full body training, upper body training (arms, shoulders, chest, upper back), stomach, legs, bottom, as well as core training for the pelvic floor and lower back – each in the two difficulty levels of "beginner" or "advanced". The app helps the user to shed pounds through fine adjustment of the three elements of activity, workout and a balanced diet.

Body Shape

Sleep well – with the SE 80 from Beurer

SE 80

Sleep problems are a common issue and can have a negative impact on our health. They can result in a lack of concentration, poor performance, and changes to our blood pressure and metabolism, which is why healthy sleep is particularly important when it comes to stocking up on energy and strength for day-to-day life. To get to the bottom of your sleep problems, Beurer has developed the SE 80 SleepExpert.

This non-contact sensor offers professional sleep recording in the comfort of your own home. Placed discreetly under the mattress, the device measures and analyses personal sleeping habits. Fall-asleep time and wake-up frequency are recorded along with the actual sleep duration. In addition, heart rate, breathing rate and interruptions in breathing are also recorded.

The compatible Beurer SleepExpert app records the measurements automatically and so enables precise sleep phase analysis, including sleep phase hypnogram. A "Sleep score" display provides simple and user-friendly evaluation of the results. The "Fresh Wake" function helps users to wake up well-rested.

Show your true colours – the AS 80 C

AS 80 C

Our AS 80 activity sensor has been available since last year. Its sophisticated tracking function records your activities during the day and at night.
Now the popular activity sensor is available in a range of colours. Whether blue, orange, green, turquoise or purple – the AS 80 C offers the right choice whatever your taste. Set yourself goals for your daily exercise and monitor your sleeping patterns and calorie consumption in conjunction with the Beurer HealthManager app. Your personal well-being and body awareness can be boosted with the AS 80 C.

BY 99 – monitor any time, any place


The BY 99 Baby Video Monitor by Beurer is perfectly designed for parents who have things to do in different rooms or in the garden but wish to keep their baby within view. Using the device's parent unit, your smartphone or your tablet, you can always keep an eye on what your baby is doing. The image can also be transferred to the parent unit and a mobile end device simultaneously. To do this you simply need a WLAN network, a smartphone/tablet and the free Beurer CareCam app powered by Hubble.
This means that you can keep an eye on everything whenever and wherever, allowing you to carry out your activities. The monitor is also suitable for caring for the elderly or for home surveillance.

BY 99 Produktneuheit

ECO+ mode

Our baby monitors feature the ECO+ mode. This means the highest level of safety and quality. You can minimise the radiation between the baby and parent unit when the baby is quiet – this protects your baby from unnecessary radiation.

Expansion of the range of scales

Scales range 2015

Beurer's extensive range of scales has now been expanded to include more products.

The GS 485 glass scale enables innovative networking between the smartphone and scale using Bluetooth® Smart technology. Download the Beurer HealthManager free of charge – that way you can keep track of your measurements at any time at home and on the move.

The GS 490 designer glass scale offers a stylish look. The border's high-quality copper look is an aesthetic addition to your bathroom.

The GS 203 London and GS 203 New York designer glass scales bring a distinctive feel to the bathroom. The timeless photo scene and illuminated white display allow you to add colour to any room.