Stay blissfully warm throughout the winter

There's no longer a need to shiver through the cold winter months thanks to the new HK 72 mobile heat belt from Beurer. It can be worn easily under your clothing, without being bulky. It offers maximum ease of movement, flexible application and easy fixing.

Once charged, the high-performance lithium-ion battery provides up to 4 hours of mobile heat, ensuring that you stay comfortably warm throughout the winter.

4 temperature settings ensure that you can always find the level of heat to suit you. An automatic switch-off function on the belt is activated after approx. 90 minutes of use to ensure safety at all times.

Find out more about this beneficial new addition to Beurer's range and ensure that you stay warm throughout the cold winter months.

HK 72 mobile heat belt

Beurer HealthManager app now available for use with Android devices

Beurer HealthManager app for android devices
Beurer HealthManager is a health management system. You can use it to evaluate your own body values easily and safely using progress graphs and tables. Until now it was possible to transfer and call up data using the HealthManager software, the HealthManager web version and the associated iOS app. The Beurer HealthManager app for Android devices is now also available to download free of charge in the Play Store.


Compatibility of the HealthManager

Compatibility has been tested with the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4 and LG Google Nexus 5; compatibility with other Android devices is possible but is not guaranteed.

Finally available for use at home – 
Long-lasting IPL hair removal from Beurer

The beurer SalonPro System is now offering first-class IPL hair removal devices. The beurer SalonPro System uses the innovative “IPL” (intense pulsed light) light-based technology, which is used in professional beauty salons and by doctors for successful long-lasting hair removal. Beurer shows you what innovative technology can do to enhance your beauty.

With the Beurer SalonPro System, you can now use this tried and clinically tested technology safely and effectively at home at any time.

Time for confidence. With clinically tested technology.

Here you can find basic information about long-lasting IPL hair removal, including important topics concerning IPL light technology and how it works.


Health data at a glance – any time, anywhere

HealthManager Cloud im Ganzen
With the two new products, the BF 800 diagnostic scale and the BM 85 blood pressure monitor, it will be possible in future to transfer your measured values easily and conveniently to the HealthManager app via Bluetooth® Smart. So from now on, you will always be able to keep an eye on your health values.

As well as weight, the new BF 800 diagnostic scale records numerous other health values such as body mass index (BMI), water content, muscle mass, bone mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR) and active metabolic rate (AMR) and transfers this data directly to the smartphone via Bluetooth® Smart, where users can manage their personal statistics in the HealthManager app.
What happens if the smartphone isn’t immediately to hand? Even this is no problem, because the scale saves up to 30 measured values and transfers them as soon as the HealthManager app is available once again. 

The BM 85 blood pressure monitor boasts not only an exceptional design, but also outstanding precision and measurement accuracy. The BM 85 blood pressure monitor also possesses the Bluetooth® Smart innovative, wireless transfer technology, which sends the measured values directly to the user's smartphone. This feature and many more make the BM 85 blood pressure monitor a unique product.

You can find detailed information about Beurer Connect World – HealthManager and the various products here on our website.


Body-scan function in a massage seat cover?
Yes, with the new MG 300 XL.

Massagesitzauflage: Modell MG 300 XL mit Körperscanning-Funktion
Beurer has now launched its first Shiatsu massage seat cover, which features an integrated body-scan function - the new MG 300. In terms of the massage experience, this means that the massage is tailored individually to you and suits your personal needs. The automatic body-scanning function provides a customised massage experience with three automatic massage programs, ranging from a penetrating Shiatsu to a rolling or swing massage. Moreover, other functions such as spot massage, adjustable massage roller widths and the switch-on light and heat function in the massage seat cover combine to provide an overall sense of well-being in the XL massage area.