Tria by Beurer hair removal laser - The most effective technology for long-lasting hair removal!

Tria by Beurer

Tria by Beurer hair removal laser – the most effective technology for long-lasting hair removal*! Countless cosmetic studios and dermatologists use laser technology – you can now recreate this technology in the comfort of your own home. Discover the LAS 100 SALON EXPERT and LAS 50 PRECISION hair removal lasers from Beurer!

High-end, premium quality for long-lasting hair removal

The Tria by Beurer hair removal lasers work using a patented diode laser technology. They therefore deliver clinically tested, long-lasting results. Up to 61% less hair can be achieved after the first treatment, as much as 70% after the second treatment. Lasting results are visible after just three months.


Both lasers provide maximum safety with the integrated skin tone sensor. The rechargeable battery provides you with cable-free convenient application everywhere. The soothing Smoothstart calming gel is also available to ensure a comfortable treatment.

The hair removal lasers are suitable for light to medium-brown skin types. You can find more information about the areas of application and treatment in our FAQ section.

Find out about the beauty revolution now and achieve long-lasting results – for soft, smooth skin.


* after the first application

Massage To Go

Relax any time, anywhere! This is now possible with the new To Go massagers from Beurer. These products are equipped with a high-performance battery. During your lunch break or straight after exercise – decide spontaneously when some relaxation would do you good.

The MG 520 To Go massage pillow is equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery guaranteeing an extra long battery life of 2 hours. It can be used for relaxation of the muscles and for regeneration after exercise. Can be used for the shoulders, neck, back and legs.

The MG 510 To Go tapping massager too has a powerful lithium-ion battery guaranteeing a battery life of 2 hours. It delivers a penetrating and soothing tapping massage. The massage intensity can be set at five different levels and a heat function can also be activated. 

Massage To Go

Beurer SleepLine


Sleep problems are a common theme in virtually every bedroom. But many people are not aware that they snore, sleepwalk or have difficulty staying asleep. In the long term, tiredness and difficulty concentrating can lead to serious illnesses such as depression, high blood pressure or Alzheimer's. 

Beurer will be presenting its innovative "SleepLine" range at IFA 2016. This range consists of seven products that analyse sleeping behaviour and have a positive effect on the processes of falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up.


LB 37 Air humidifier
For optimum humidity and a comfortable climate, day and night. Can also be used for aromatherapy with natural oils, making it a fragrant sleep aid.

TL 55 Day & Night brightlight
Fall asleep gently with the red twilight and remain full of energy throughout the day with the daylight function.

WL 75 Wake-up light
Fall asleep naturally with an atmospheric sunset and wake up full of energy to music and/or a gradually brightening light.

LR 200 Air cleaner
People with allergies can breath easy! The ultra-quiet air cleaner ensures peaceful, relaxing nights.

HM 55 Thermo hygrometer
Small and elegant – the practical tool for monitoring your optimum indoor climate at a glance.

SL 70 Snore stopper
Gentle snoring therapy for a soothing night's sleep without interruption. Your partner will thank you!

SE 80 SleepExpert sleep sensor
The core product in our SleepLine range monitors, analyses and records your sleep data as accurately as in a sleep lab.

Why getting enough sleep is so important.

Headaches, tiredness and irritability are the first signs of sleep problems that people immediately recognise. In the longer term, poor sleep can cause depression, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's and heart disease. It is therefore important to recognise sleep problems early on and improve sleeping conditions.

LS 50 3 in 1 Travelmeister – making travel easy!

LS 50

The new LS 50 3 in 1 Travelmeister is your ideal travel companion. Incorporating a powerbank charger, a luggage scale and a torch, it gives you everything you need.

The luggage scale reassures you that your luggage is within the permissible flight weight – excess baggage is a thing of the past. You can stay connected thanks to the integrated powerbank charger which ensures that your smartphone never runs out of battery. Depending on the model, up to two charges are possible for battery devices with a USB port.

The torch, the modern design and the removable strap for space-saving storage provide the complete package.

Beurer MyIPL – modern design, intuitive operation and helpful tutorial

Effective, quick and convenient – these are the features of the Beurer IPL hair removal devices. With the new IPL app, we help users to create personalised treatment plans for permanent hair removal. The app accompanies you before, during and after the application.

It is easy to organise your treatment appointments throughout the entire application period. You receive an energy level recommendation for the application and can automatically create a personalised treatment plan through the precise coordination of personal hair and skin characteristics (hair removal regions).
The app also includes a calendar view, a helpful reminder function, and provides safety notes for correct usage of the IPL device – for safe professional use at home.

myIPL App

Your personal treatment plan in just a few steps:

  1. Download the free Beurer MyIPL app
  2. Select the Beurer IPL hair removal device and the part of the body to be treated
  3. Determine the hair and skin colour type
  4. Automatic creation of a personal treatment plan