Beurer is one of the best digital innovators in Germany

The German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) and regional chambers of industry and commerce (IHKs) have been looking for the best digital innovators in Germany. Beurer GmbH emerged as the national winner in the "Healthcare" sector. Beurer's Managing Director Georg Walkenbach accepted the award yesterday in Berlin as part of the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit.

Representative sleep study shows that people subjectively evaluate their sleep as better than it actually is

Germans sleep for less time and less restfully than they think. This is a central result of the “Beurer Sleep Atlas 2017”, which was commissioned by health specialist Beurer, and compiled by Dr Michael Feld from Cologne, a sleep specialist. Together with Prof Peter Young of the University of Münster, he carried out a large comparative study on sleep quality and sleeping habits in Germany. 3,491 German citizens took part in the representative survey. The SE 80 SleepExpert sleep sensor from Beurer was also used to measure the sleep of 222 participants. The study shows a significant discrepancy between the subjective information and the objectively measured values from the biosignal sleep sensor.

Beurer Open House Tour 2017: Helsinki, Stockholm and Warsaw

Helsinki, Stockholm and Warsaw – these are the European cities that will be visited in May and June 2017 as part of the exclusive and international Beurer Open House Tour.

Beurer launches its Instagram

Beurer further develops its social media activities. Alongside Youtube and Facebook, the Ulm-based health specialist is now also on Instagram. Since April 2017, images have been posted from the "beurer_official" account relating to the main topics of beauty, wellness and fitness, and there has been increasing communication with end users.

Beurer snore stopper wins Red Dot Award

The innovative Beurer SL 70 snore stopper was honoured in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017. The top-class jury was made up of around 40 design experts from all over the world. The award is one of the most respected design competitions in the world and the sought-after “Red Dot” prize is an internationally esteemed seal for outstanding design quality.

Beurer is in the top 1% of German SMEs (the “Mittelstand”), according to MSG rankings

For the seventh year in a row, the Munich Strategy Group (MSG), together with the daily newspaper “Die Welt”, has selected the “Top 100 Growth and Revenue Stars” from German SMEs. For this purpose, the sales and EBIT developments of 3,500 companies from 2011 to 2015 were evaluated. With an annual sales growth rate of over 11% and above-average profit and equity ratios, Beurer was able to break into the Top 100. Ranked 34th, the Ulm-based health specialist is in the top 1% of the 3,500 companies evaluated.

Beurer stands out for high quality at the Plus X Awards

Quality that makes an impact: The Plus X Award expert panel has awarded multiple seals of approval to ten Beurer products. The innovation prize recognises manufacturers for the outstanding quality of their products. The “High Quality” seal of approval, which was awarded to all ten products, shows that Beurer is focused on the highest standards.

Beurer named Specialist Retail Brand 2017

Once again, Beurer has been named the “Specialist Retail Brand of the Year” in the “Health & Personal Care” sector for 2017. The votes were placed by specialist retailers and initiated by Plus X Award, with the objective of protecting and strengthening both brands and the specialist trade with this special award.

AS 95: Keeping up with day-to-day life

Whether normal walking or targeted running training: exercise keeps you healthy. With the AS 95 Pulse activity sensor, Beurer is presenting a product which combines counting steps and pulse measurement at the MEDICA 2016. When linked to a smartphone, the AS 95 Pulse additionally provides notifications for incoming calls and messages.

Advanced health management with the wrist blood pressure monitor BC 85

With the BC 85 extra-slim wrist blood pressure monitor, Beurer will be showcasing innovative networking between smartphones and the blood pressure monitor at MEDICA 2016. The values determined by the BC 85 can be transferred in a straightforward process to the Beurer HealthManager app or software for further evaluation.

Wake up better with the Beurer "SleepLine" range

A restful night's sleep is just as important for your health as a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. And this includes a healthy, gentle wake-up process. After all, if you are awoken directly from the deep sleep phase, then you often feel worn out and start the day tired. At MEDICA 2016, Beurer will be showcasing its expert "SleepLine" range – innovative products that help users wake up better.

Sleep through the night better with the Beurer expert "SleepLine" range

A restful night's sleep is just as important for your health as a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. Your sleep can be disturbed without you even realising it. Interrupted breathing, teeth grinding and snoring are often not noticed but can have a negative effect on day-to-day life. Despite having had plenty of sleep, those affected tend to feel tired and worn out. At MEDICA 2016, Beurer will be showcasing its expert "SleepLine" range – innovative products that help users have uninterrupted sleep.

Fall asleep better with the Beurer "SleepLine" range

A restful night's sleep is just as important for your health as a balanced diet and sufficient exercise. But many people are not aware that they are suffering from sleep problems. For some people, the problems start right at the beginning when falling asleep. They find it hard to get to sleep and often toss and turn. At MEDICA 2016, Beurer will be showcasing its expert "SleepLine" range – innovative products that help users fall asleep better.

BM 77 Bluetooth®: Upper arm blood pressure monitor with XXL display

Upper arm blood pressure monitors provide reliability you would expect from the doctor’s. The BM 77 Bluetooth® also ensures maximum user comfort with its fully automated blood pressure and pulse measurement on the upper arm, universal cuff, XXL display and transfer of measurements to the “beurer HealthManager” app and PC software. The device is also suitable for measurement during pregnancy.

FM 150 leg compression therapy – a new lease of life for tired legs

After a long day, legs can often feel heavy. The Beurer FM 150 helps recovery by delivering a revitalising pressure massage that relieves muscle tension and promotes blood circulation. The FM 150 leg compression therapy will be presented at MEDICA 2016.