Beurer invests in Health-Tech Startup Ovy


As a strategic investor, Beurer is investing a six-digit amount in working with the Health-Tech Startup Ovy. Ovy is an app that allows women to calculate their cycle. The app will be supplemented with the Ovy Bluetooth® Basalt thermometer which Beurer will launch together with Ovy in mid-2018. With the Ovy Basalt thermometer, the measured values can be automatically transferred to the app via Bluetooth®.

"In our opinion, Ovy is the leading app in the field of cycle control with rapidly growing user numbers. Young women in particular are increasingly using natural methods of contraception. In addition, the planning of pregnancy is becoming an increasingly important topic. The combination of apps with new product technologies such as Bluetooth basalt thermometers offers new possibilities here." says Marco Bühler, Managing Director of Beurer GmbH.

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