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Health management with Beurer Connect

As part of Beurer Connect, the innovative family company is offering a growing range of products that are characterised by their ability to quickly and securely transfer data to a PC via USB or Bluetooth® Smart in addition to saving and displaying the data on the device itself. Some premium products also feature mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Beurer combines top-quality products, such as

  • Diagnostic scales,
  • Blood pressure monitors,
  • Blood glucose monitors and
  • Pulse measuring instruments

with modern communication technology


Beurer HealthManager

All products labelled with the HealthManager logo come with a free version of the HealthManager PC software, app and online tool.
The type of product determines the transfer method: NFC (near field communication) or Bluetooth® Smart technology directly to your smartphone or the conventional method of transferring to your PC via USB. Find out more about the Beurer HealthManager on the following pages.

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Both the PM200+ and PM250 heart rate monitors are characterised by a common feature: the measured pulse values are transferred to the Runtastic PRO app. You will consequently be able to view specific performance analyses and statistics at the end of each training unit. If required, you can save the data and access it at any time at
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The EasyFit software supports you in evaluating your training data. The heart rate monitor results can be integrated into the software to evaluate them according to many characteristics. EasyFit also features handy calendar and management functions to support optimum training, even over an extended period of time. The software also allows you to control and monitor your weight management.
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GlucoMemory is a software to evaluate your blood glucose measurements on the PC. The evaluation software enables you and your GP or healthcare professional to better monitor changes in your blood glucose level and manage your diabetes. GlucoMemory informs you of your blood glucose-related values and displays them in lists, tables and charts, so supporting your diabetes management.
Compatible blood glucose monitors: Beurer GL 50, GL 44 and GL 40 blood glucose monitors.

Icon: GlucoMemory

Wireless Connect

The two BM 90 and BG 900 units feature Wireless Connect technology and store your data safely on the internet. Both devices can be connected to the internet with ease thanks to an integrated radio module. Data transfer is automatic, wireless and extremely convenient. This means that your data is accessible at all times, including via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
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ECG Manager

The mobile ME 80 ECG device determines your cardiac rhythm. For precise evaluation and detailed representation of the recorded measurement data, the device can be connected to the PC using the integrated USB plug. The Beurer ECG Manager software included in delivery allows the recorded results to be presented graphically and printed for your doctor.

Icon: ECG


Transfer the measurement data from the pulse oximeter to your PC using the supplied software. The software consists of the "SpO₂-Viewer" and the "SpO₂-Manager". Using "SpO₂-Viewer" you can display your values in real time on the computer screen during the recording. You can use "SpO₂-Manager" to view previously stored measurement data on your computer and manage the data.

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