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Beurer GmbH

Beurer - Health & Well-being

Beurer GmbH has been the market leader in the health and well-being sector for more than 95 years.
In the Living product category, Beurer offers heating pads, a mobile heat belt, electric underblankets, foot warmers and electric overblankets, as well as diagnostic scales, solar scales, glass scales, personal scales, luggage scales, kitchen scales, air washers, air humidifiers, thermo hygrometers and aromatherapy devices. In the Medical category, you will find medical products, such as overarm and wrist blood pressure monitors, as well as blood glucose monitors, clinical thermometers and nebulisers. The Therapy product category includes not only infrared and brightlights, but also wake-up lights, EMS/TENS devices, abdominal toning belts, as well as hand massage devices, Shiatsu massage cushions, Shiatsu massage belts, Shiatsu massage seat covers, massage chairs, foot massages and foot baths. In the Beauty category, you will find IPL devices for long-lasting hair removal, professional face care products for optimum facial care, manicure and pedicure devices, bottom toning devices and cosmetic mirrors. Since 2012, a full range of beauty devices has been available in the ELLE by beurer collection, such as hair removal products, manicure/pedicure devices and facial care products. The Babycare range includes baby monitors, clinical thermometers, baby food warmers, steam sterilisers and baby scales. For jogging enthusiasts, Beurer introduces heart rate monitors, heart rate measurements with smartphones, running sensors and activity sensors in the Sports product area.

Under the Beurer brand, the company has been offering high-value products for generations, including for weight, nutrition, diabetes, wellness and sport and lifestyle. Several products from the weight, blood pressure, blood glucose and activity categories are compatible with the Beurer HealthManager – the core of the Beurer Connect products. With the free HealthManager software, the calculated values can be managed not only on the device, but also on the Internet in a clear and user-friendly way, as well as on your PC or on the move on your smartphone. Many Beurer products have received awards, e.g. from the Stiftung Warentest, Öko-Test or the Plus X Award for innovation, design and ease of use. Most electric overblankets, electric underblankets and heating pads are certified according to the Öko-Tex Standard 100.