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Tips to control your blood pressure

Measure your blood pressure correctly!

It's important to measure your blood pressure regularly. Because one in five adults over 40 is affected by high blood pressure. In most cases, high blood pressure is detected by chance.

When you're measuring, please note the following tips that should enable you to achieve meaningful results:

  • Hold the blood pressure monitor at heart level.
  • Sit comfortably
  • Keep your arm still
  • Do not talk
  • Do not make a fist
  • Do not move
  • Relax before and after measurement
  • If possible, always measure at the same time of day
Use a blood pressure pass!

With the blood pressure pass, you can enter the levels you have measured in the morning and evening. This provides you with an ideal overview of your blood pressure and pulse.

Click here to download!

It's even easier to see an overview of your blood pressure levels with the Beuer HealthManager app. All the information you need is available here.