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Why is sleep so important?

Schlaf Ratgeber
Schlaf Ratgeber

Sleep researchers have discovered that people who regularly sleep for around eight hours a night live for around five years longer. Scientists are continuously researching the importance of adequate and "healthy" sleep, but undoubtedly it has a positive impact on our daily lives. A restful night with adequate sleep is enormously important for our physical and psychological well-being. During sleep, we process, among other things, newly gained experiences more intensively than during the day. People who do not sleep too much or too little lose weight more easily, and that improves our mental and physical fitness. Restorative sleep also strengthens our immune system, ensures mental balance and improves our organ and metabolic functions.

How much sleep do people need?

In general, there is no rule of thumb for the "right" amount of sleep. Each person has their own needs when it comes to sleep and sleep rhythm. The average sleep duration for adults is between seven and nine hours per night – this can be a lot more or less, however.

The most important thing for each person is to perceive sleep as relaxing without paying attention to what is considered standard. Ultimately, this decides how lively you feel during the day and whether you can concentrate when working.