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Improving the indoor environment

There are various options for improving the indoor environment in your home. We have listed here which devices are suitable for which objective.

Air humidifiers or air washers?

An air humidifier increases humidity in the room. If the air is also to be cleaned of domestic dust, pollen and odours, an air washer can help. You can use the following questions to decide what equipment you need:

  • Would you like more moisture in the air? (Air humidifiers or air washers)
  • Would you like to humidify the air and have less domestic dust, pollen, animal hair and odours in the air? (Air washers)
  • Do you have an irritated throat or itchy eyes in winter? (Air humidifiers and air washers)
  • Do you suffer from allergies or hay fever? (Air washers)

Air humidifier

Ambient air that is too dry affects well-being and should therefore be avoided. On cold winter days in particular, artificial means of heating cause the relative humidity to drop. An air humidifier enables you to add extra moisture to ambient air. There are two types of air humidifier technology: evaporation and ultrasonic atomisation.

01. Air vaporiser

The air humidifier uses water vapour to provide air humidification. Clean steam is hygienic and free from odours and bacteria. How it works: Water is heated to more than 100°C and the fan air flow transports the hot vapour out into the room.

02. Ultrasonic atomiser

The air humidifier uses ultrasound to ensure micro-fine atomisation.

How it works: High-frequency oscillations release tiny droplets from the surface of the water. The fan air flow transports the humidified air out into the room.

Air washer

Air cleaning and air humidification in one.
The air washer combines two technologies and purifies the air: The air washer humidifies air that is too dry and simultaneously cleans it of domestic dust, pollen, animal hair and odours. Just like rain does in nature, the air is "washed clean".

How it works: Air comes into contact with rotating humidification discs and absorbs water molecules. Air particles, such as domestic dust, pollen and animal hair, adhere to the discs and are rinsed in a water bath.

The air washer enables the air to gather the required humidity on the large surfaces of the moist humidification discs. Air humidification is carried out by the principle of auto-regulating cold evaporation. No additional control units are required.

LB 37 Air humidifier
LB 37 Luftbefeuchter