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Why is regular blood pressure monitoring important?

High blood pressure is a condition that progresses gradually and goes unnoticed at first. It can therefore be underestimated for many years. The more marked the high blood pressure, the higher the risk is that secondary illnesses – which may be very serious – such as arterial vascular disease, heart attack, stroke and dementia will occur. There are no signs that give an early warning of hypertension. Quite the contrary. Many people feel well for years despite their high blood pressure. Doctors often detect high blood pressure by chance. The one reliable way of recognising high blood pressure early is to measure blood pressure on a regular basis.

Health monitoring system

Optimal blood pressure control using an app and software. The designated blood pressure monitors can be integrated into the Beurer HealthManager System using the transfer options, enabling you to access your blood pressure values at any time, from anywhere. The progress graphs and tables with measured values can be used to view and monitor your blood pressure values with ease. And if you want even more detail, simply synchronise your data with the HealthManager online tool and use the many additional views, filters and settings available to you on the computer.

Beurer BM 85
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