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How to correctly measure blood pressure

What should you do to ensure accurate measurements at home, and what do you need to take into account?

You should take measurements regularly, and at the same time every day. Rest and relax for 5 minutes before taking a measurement - blood pressure should be measured when under no physical or mental strain.

To avoid false results, it is important to remain still during the measurement and not to speak. It's best to perform the measurement on your bare upper arm or wrist, since clothing can affect results. 

Always take measurements from the same arm. Your left arm is closer to your heart than your right arm, meaning that results can differ - deviations of up to 10 mmHg are common!

When taking your blood pressure, we recommend you consult a doctor if there are discrepancies in excess of 10 mmHg.

If you use a wrist blood pressure monitor, hold the blood pressure monitor at heart level, and support your elbow on the table.

Improving the reliability of results with a Test Indicator

When taking blood pressure measurements, "at rest" values should be recorded to avoid unreliable results.  This means blood pressure should be taken only when the mind and body are in a sufficiently relaxed and restful state.

Identifying whether this restful state has definitely been achieved is one of the challenges faced by those taking their blood pressure. To help solve this problem, Beurer has developed a Test Indicator.

This patented technology* indicates whether or not you were sufficiently rested mentally and physically during measurement. If necessary, blood pressure can be taken again following a further rest and relaxation period of at least 5 minutes.

*Patent: EP 1 673 009