Body-scan function in a massage seat cover?
Yes, with the new MG 300 XL.

Massagesitzauflage: Modell MG 300 XL mit Körperscanning-Funktion
Beurer has now launched its first Shiatsu massage seat cover, which features an integrated body-scan function - the new MG 300. In terms of the massage experience, this means that the massage is tailored individually to you and suits your personal needs. The automatic body-scanning function provides a customised massage experience with three automatic massage programs, ranging from a penetrating Shiatsu to a rolling or swing massage. Moreover, other functions such as spot massage, adjustable massage roller widths and the switch-on light and heat function in the massage seat cover combine to provide an overall sense of well-being in the XL massage area. 


Feel good in your skin
with the new FCE 90 + MPE 70 devices.

Who wouldn’t love to have beautiful, healthy skin that makes you feel good? With the right care and the right products, it is possible to highlight and nurture the natural radiance of the skin. Since last year, Beurer has been supplying beauty and care products with the exclusive cooperation ELLE by Beurer. Two new products from the ELLE by Beurer line will now be presented at IFA, from 6 to 11 September, 2013. They are the MPE 70 paraffin bath and the FCE 90 Pureo Ionic Skin Care – two skin care products for soft and radiant skin.

The FCE 90 Pureo Ionic Skin Care provides anti-ageing care and so supports a noticeable improvement in the complexion thanks to its integrated four-step solution:

  • Intensive skin cleansing
  • Anti-ageing care
  • Activating heat function
  • Vitalising cooling function

Gesichtspflege: Modell FCE 90 von ELLE by Beurer
The result of the four-step solution is clearly noticeable in just four weeks*: it smooths visible wrinkles, tightens the skin and gives it more tone. At the same time, moisture levels are replenished and the skin is refreshed and relaxed. This helps to nurture a healthier, radiant complexion.

The MPE 70 paraffin bath conditions rough, dry or stressed skin and promotes the absorption of both nutrients and moisture. This results in noticeably smoother and more relaxed skin.

* Scientifically tested by the independent dermatological ProDerm Institute, Hamburg


Personal scale with a timeless design for the modern bathroom.
The new GS 420 tara universal glass scale

Vielfalt der Beurer Badwelten
As part of the purist "clean classics" bathroom range from Beurer, the GS 420 tara stands out for the quirky graphic designs on the surface of the glass scale. The 9.5 x 5.2 cm, extra large, blue illuminated LCD display and black digits also accentuate the design.

The special feature of the GS 420 tara is that it is equipped with a tare function. It determines the exact weight from the difference between the total weight and net weight. This is particularly advantageous when determining the weight of babies who are not able to stand on their own, as well as animals and bulky luggage. The multi-talented device generates measurements that are accurate to within 50 g. The memory function of the universal glass scale means that it is not necessary to keep a handwritten record of your weight after getting on the scale: the GS 420 tara saves the last recorded weight and calculates the difference to the new weight.

Heart rate measurement with smartphones

Sport or sofa? With the new PM 250 heart rate monitor from Beurer, the answer is quite clear: get moving – no more excuses!

The new PM 250 is perfectly suited for targeted training. The chest strap transfers the heart rate data via Bluetooth® to your smartphone, where the Runtastic app keeps an extensive record of the values from your measurements.
Herzfrequenzmessung mit Smartphones: PM 250

New PO 80 and PO 30 pulse oximeters from Beurer for comprehensive oxygen monitoring anytime, anywhere

Trust is good, control is better - especially when oxygen supply to vital organs is at stake. Regular monitoring of oxygen levels is advisable for sufferers from bronchial asthma or other chronic obstructive lung diseases or cardiac insufficiency, whose blood oxygen saturation levels may not always be sufficient. But participants in extreme sports such as high-altitude mountain climbing should also pay attention to their blood oxygen saturation to avoid the possibility of permanent organ damage through oxygen insufficiency. 

At MEDICA,  Beurer therefore presents two new pulse oximeters   – the PO 80 and PO 30 - which enable arterial blood oxygen saturation (SO2) and pulse rate to be measured at any time, simply and completely painless - yet with extreme precision. A special feature of the device is its flexible display which, like a smartphone, aligns itself to the direction of the pulse oximeter. Users can therefore check values at a glance regardless of whether they are viewing the display from the front or side. Both devices also provide clear, easy-to-understand colour graphics of the measurement results. In addition, the flagship PO 80  includes software that enables all measurements to be stored on a computer and displayed in long-term diagrams.